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Welcome to the Kennebunkport Heritage Housing Trust!

Extensive research shows that affordable housing improves the financial, physical and social-emotional health and well-being of individuals and families. Safe, stable, affordable housing helps to create strong communities where people trust and rely on each other. Strong, vital communities encourages job growth and reduce crime rates.


In Kennebunkport, supporting affordable housing means:

  • the local workforce- first responders, teachers, town employees, business owners and their staff, etc- can afford to live in the town where they work;

  • enrollment will grow at our local elementary school- the PRIDE of the 'Port;

  • we can balance the aging population of Kennebunkport;

  • contributing to a vital, diverse, engaged and welcoming year-round community;

  • building on the strong heritage of Kennebunkport and ensuring the story of our Town will continue on for years to come.

President George Bush, Sr., one of Kennebunkport's more famous residents, always called this town his ANCHOR TO WINDWARD. In a changing and challenging world, Kennebunkport is a safe port where we are engaged, connected, and grounded from the storm that swirls around us. A big part of what makes Kennebunkport special is the people, those born here and those who have discovered all we have to offer. The fishermen, local business owners, teachers, firefighters, neighbors, and even two presidents have woven themselves into the fabric of our community. Our goal is to sustain our year-round mix of residents by supporting homes for families who contribute to the flavor that makes our 'Port so spectacular.


Preserving that distinct recipe for our community is the overarching mission of Kennebunkport's Heritage Housing Trust. 

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