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Landon Woods: Kennebunkport group aims to build new neighborhood with affordable homes

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine — The new year has brought a new development proposal for the Kennebunkport Heritage Housing Trust as the organization officially begins pursuing its vision of a new neighborhood called Landon Woods.
The group is proposing to build three duplexes, each on a separate lot, for six homes off Beachwood Avenue. The new homes would be the latest crop built by the organization as it follows its mission to create 25 new affordable homes in Kennebunkport.

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Kennebunkport Residents Support Land Conservation and Affordable Housing

KENNEBUNKPORT — The town of Kennebunkport has released the results of a community survey that gathered resident input on what to do with the Village Parcel, an undeveloped site between North Street and School Street. Respondents were most excited about conserving space to support outdoor recreation, though many also supported constructing affordable housing.

“We can certainly celebrate and be grateful for our seasonal residents that bring vitality and vibrancy to the community,” said Crockett, “but if you don’t have year round residents — people that are living in your community year round, sending kids to schools, showing up at soccer games, … running for political office … and serving on all of the boards and committees that make government work — then are you a town any longer? There’s there’s a point where you are no longer a community, you’re a gated tourist resort.”


Kennebunkport man ‘saw the need and led the charge’ in affordable housing

KENNEBUNKPORT- Patrick Briggs “saw the need and led the charge” to bring affordable housing to Kennebunkport, and for this and other endeavors in the community, he was named Kennebunkport’s Spirit of America Award winner. Briggs and other award winners from across the county were recognized by York County Commissioners at a recent reception.

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Dreams come true: Kennebunkport Heritage Housing Trust making homes 'attainable'

KENNEBUNKPORT- Most people say “affordable housing” when discussing the need to create homes that are reasonably priced for people in certain income brackets, but Larissa Crockett has another term she prefers to use.

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Community Land Trusts Are Providing Affordable Housing To Working Mainers

KENNEBUNKPORT- Maine is in dire need of affordable housing, particularly in some of the state's more affluent communities. One approach to meeting that demand is the community land trust, which lowers the costs of houses by leasing the land beneath it to the homeowners.


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Families thrilled to be picked for affordable houses in Kennebunkport

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine – Tanya Alsberg and Jennifer Armstrong stood at the edge of a large, square hole filled with gravel and pointed across the way. "The bedroom's there," Alsberg said. "The kitchen's there." Referring to the space immediately before them, they identified their knitting room – an important space, given that both have a business, JAK Designs, an art gallery and knitwear shop, in Dock Square a couple of miles away.


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Affordable living in Kennebunkport: First homeowners moving into Heritage Woods

KENNEBUNKPORT- Members of the Kennebunkport Heritage Housing Trust will hand over the keys Friday, July 30, to the new owners of the home the organization built on Tiger Lily Way in its mission to provide affordable housing in the community.


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Welcome home: Applications for Kennebunkport affordable homes open Jan. 1.

KENNEBUNKPORT – Looking to live in Kennebunkport? Perhaps you were raised in the community or work here, and have looked in vain for a home you can afford. Perhaps your kids attend Consolidated School. Perhaps you want to return to the area after living away and raise your family in Kennebunkport – if you could just find a home with a price tag that works with your income.


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Buyers sought for 6 affordable homes in Kennebunkport

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine — The Housing Trust is seeking eligible households for its first neighborhood, Heritage Woods, in Kennebunkport.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis beginning Jan. 1, 2021 and must be received by Jan. 22, 2021.   


Kennebunkport Housing Trust on way to meeting $150K fundraising goal

KENNEBUNKPORT - Now that Kennebunkport Heritage Housing Trust has received final approval for the Heritage Woods subdivision from the Kennebunkport Planning Board, KHHT is moving forward to reach its fundraising goal to support its first neighborhood.

The first homes in the Heritage Woods community will be constructed next summer with the  final homes in place by fall of 2021....


Movers and Shakers: Kennebunkport Heritage Housing Trust making home ownership affordable

KENNEBUNKPORT - The Kennebunkport Heritage Housing Trust formed in 2018 with one mission in mind: build 25 affordable homes in town by the year 2025.


The project is intended to attract young families to the community and boost enrollment at the local elementary school, increase the town’s year-round population, address values of homes that are higher than the county average, and provide a large part of the local workforce that lives out of town with affordable options here in the community they serve...


Heritage Housing Trust hosting fundraiser for affordable-housing project

KENNEBUNKPORT - Heritage Housing Trust is offering a night of live entertainment and dancing at Vinegar Hill Music Theatre on Thursday, Nov. 7, to raise funds towards its ongoing mission to build 25 permanently affordable and year-round homes in Kennebunkport by the year 2025...

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Kennebunkport trust offers new approach to adding workforce housing

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine — Many well-heeled Seacoast communities are grappling with ways to encourage economic diversity among residents...

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Heritage Housing Trust works on affordable housing effort in Kennebunkport

KENNEBUNKPORT (WGME)-- The town of Kennebunkport and the Kennebunkport Heritage Housing Trust are working together to build a handful of affordable homes at an old ice rink location...

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