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Become a Heritage Donor

Kennebunkport is not just stunning coastline and quaint downtown core. We are a community of people. People who volunteer. People who say "hi" on the sidewalk. People who work in the local government, local schools, and local businesses. We welcome and value the almost 50% of homeowners who call Kennebunkport a seasonal home. But we need to create homes for year-round residents if Kennebunkport is going to continue to be the town we all love. Year-round residents are needed as workforce, elected officials, and as children in our schools. Please help us keep Kennebunkport a vital, year-round community by supporting our goal of 25 affordable homes by 2025.

As the Heritage Woods project comes to a close, we are ready to shift our vision and begin work on our next neighborhood. Again, funding will be necessary for land acquisition, design, planning, and construction to meet our 25 home goal by 2025.  As a neighbor and friend- please consider a generous tax-deductible gift to help us meet our next $600,000 project fundraising goal. Your financial support will help ensure that individuals and families will have access to homes that align with what they can afford, and our town will remain healthy, vibrant and strong.

To undertake and complete a project on the scale of Heritage Woods, we need to raise $600,000.

From our experience in building Heritage Woods, we have learned that:


  • KHHT must provide a significant subsidy to make houses affordable for our targeted households leveraged from public support, institution grants and governmental sources.

  • While mortgage financing from each buyer roughly covers the cost of the actual buildings, the cost of land, planning, regulatory approval, and infrastructure construction all need to be offset by KHHT.

  • To maintain affordability, land will need to come either from a donation or be purchased with support from a major grant, or from a combination of both.

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