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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is this necessary? Can’t people just live in adjacent communities?

The town of Kennebunkport relies on the culture of community and volunteerism, and encourages people to become invested and engaged. Heritage Homes will help to ensure that individuals young and old can remain in their hometown, live close to where they work, and afford to purchase their first home here. Heritage Homes will enable a steady flow of younger residents who will put down roots in our town, enroll students in the school, join volunteer organizations, share diverse skills and knowledge, support community groups, and grow our local economy.


Q. How will you keep Heritage Homes affordable?

Heritage Homes will be built on land that is owned by the Kennebunkport Heritage Housing Trust. Land leases, covenants, and a commitment in perpetuity will keep the homes financially accessible for low-middle income families and individuals for years to come.

Q. What are you doing about senior housing?

We recognize the desire for seniors to be able to downsize and remain in our community. We are examining opportunities to meet that need.

Q. What will Heritage Homes look like?

The Trust is diligently working with designs that complement the look and feel of houses seen throughout Kennebunkport. The housing and architecture will be a reflection of the neighborhoods in which the homes are located. Heritage Homes will fit into each neighborhood, aligning with the New England architecture in Kennebunkport.

Q. How many Heritage Homes do we need?


The initial goal of the Kennebunkport Heritage Housing Trust is to build 25 permanently affordable homes by 2025. We believe this goal will help us achieve our first step in beginning to respond to the urgent needs facing Kennebunkport.


Q. What will be the qualifications of potential buyers?


Applicants will be qualified based on income, relationship to the community, and a review of their background. They must qualify and obtain a mortgage to assume financial responsibility for the home. Applicants could include people who grew up in Kennebunkport, serve in public safety roles, teach in our schools, and/or are employed locally.

Q. Where will Heritage Homes be built?


Heritage Homes will be built throughout the Kennebunkport community. They will be designed to fit the neighborhood where they are located. Our goal is to build high quality, energy efficient homes that homeowners can be proud of and comfortable in for years to come.

Q. Will the project be a burden to Kennebunkport tax payers?


The Trust is developing underutilized land that was not on the tax roles.  The new homes will add value to the community and the homeowners will pay their appropriate share of taxes. 


Q. Will the operation be self-supporting?


The Kennebunkport Heritage Housing Trust is currently run by a volunteer Board of Directors and one full time staff member. The costs of development and construction are being covered by donations, grants, foundations, and homeowners.

Q. What income levels will you serve?


Income levels will be dependent on each project and household size. The first neighborhood- Heritage Woods- served households earning between 80-120% of the area median income. Annually, the Trust will ensure Heritage Home projects reflect the community needs based on working household incomes. 

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