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Our Mission


Kennebunkport is “special”.


This is a statement that many have used to describe the certain characteristics of Kennebunkport that encourage people to move here, or stay for decades. Although our town is known for its scenic vistas, beautiful beaches, and postcard harbors, when questioned further, most people define Kennebunkport by its people.


There are those who have moved to town “from away” often connecting into the volunteer work and community engagement; there are the salty fishermen who work long hours in one of the more dangerous professions in the state; there are the seasonal residents, who bring energy and activity to our community; and the families who have lived in town as far back as anyone can remember.

The mission of the Kennebunkport Heritage Housing Trust is to acquire land and properties for the purpose of building permanently affordable community housing and to provide ongoing stewardship of properties through a ground leasing model to ensure their perpetual affordability. 

It is through a commitment to this mission that we will will work together to provide homes for our teachers, first responders, lobstermen, civic volunteers, year-round work force, families, and Kennebunkport retiring residents.

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