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Heritage Housing Trust Wish List

The Kennebunkport Heritage Housing Trust is currently run by a volunteer board of directors and one full-time staff member. While the cost of home construction will be borne by the homeowners, Trust operations and some site costs will be raised through donations, grants, and foundations.

Please consider supporting the work of the Trust through a tax-deductible donation of…

  • Printing and graphic design

  • Website development

  • Legal services

  • Landscaping

  • Engineering and Planning Board cost

  • Site preparation costs (driveway, utilities…)

  • Office space for Kennebunkport Heritage Housing Trust operations and volunteers

  • Volunteer time for events and committees

  • Land or home donations


Whether you choose to donate monetarily or give items from our Wish List, your commitment and support will directly help the Mission and Vision of the Kennebunkport Heritage Housing Trust.

Together, we can build homes and ensure a thriving, sustainable future in Kennebunkport for years to come.

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