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About the Property

The Heritage Woods Subdivision is being created on a 4.6-acre parcel located currently at 126 Main Street in Kennebunkport, Maine.


This lot is currently identified in the town assessment records as Map 22 Lot 9- 21. The property will be subdivided into four buildable lots and an unbuildable open space lot.


These lots will be accessed by two private roads- Tigerlily (Lot 1/Lot 2) and Briggs Way (Lot 3/Lot 4), each entrance off of Main Street. Two of the 4 lots are accessed from each road with the open space lot centrally located towards the rear.

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The buildable lot sizes range from 0.50 acres to 1.15 acres with the open space lot being 0.93 acres.

Three residences will be accessed off each of the private ways or six in total. Each road will include a single family residence and a semi-attached duplex. Three buildings or five residences will be located near the project’s 437’ of frontage along Main Street. The three lots associated with the buildings having between 100’ and 212’ of frontage along the arterial. Each home will have access to public water and private sewer.

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The Heritage Woods Single Story Homes:

"Cleaves Cove"

Lot 2A of off Tigerlily Way

Anticipated Completion 9/2021

Under Contract!


"Chick's Creek"

Lot 3B of off Briggs Way

Anticipated Completion 11/2021

Under Contract!


"Tyler Brook"

Lot 4 of off Briggs Way

Anticipated completion 11/2021

Under Contract!


The Heritage Woods Two Story Homes:

"Paddy Creek"

Lot 1 off of Tigerlily Way

Anticipated completion of 7/2021

Under Contract!


"Turbats Creek"

Lot 2B of off Tigerlily Way

Anticipated completion 8/2021

Under Contract!


"Beaver Pond"

Lot 3A of off Briggs Way

Anticipated completion 11/2021

Under Contract!


PO Box 333

Kennebunkport, Maine 04046


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