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Application Information


Applications for the wait (backup) list in future neighborhoods are currently being accepted. Please email us at if you are interested in joining the list
for our next neighborhood. 

Important Information

Please review the following documents carefully and in advance of completing your application. 

KHHT Income Limits 

KHHT Eligibility Requirements

KHHT Affordability Worksheet & Neighborhood Description

KHHT Land Lease and Protective Covenant Summary

Heritage Woods Application

KHHT How to Apply

KHHT Application - To complete this application, use this PDF fillable form OR print this document. If you would like to receive a printed copy, please email us at

KHHT Land Lease (Complete)- One Story Home

KHHT Land Lease (Complete)- Two Story Home

KHHT Purchase & Sale Agreement- One Story Home (to be completed upon selection for a Heritage Woods Home)

KHHT Purchase & Sale Agreement- Two Story Home (to be completed upon selection for a Heritage Woods Home)

PLEASE NOTE: Applications will be received and reviewed on a first come, first serve basis.  


Buyers of homes in Heritage Woods may benefit from funding made available through MaineHousing and through the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston as described in the Financing section.  Included here are:  



These documents contain restrictions on selling the purchased home for higher amounts or to higher income buyers than would be compatible with continuing affordability. In general, these restrictions are very similar to the restrictions on resale contained in the Land Lease and KHHT is confident that compliance with the terms of the Land Lease will enable compliance with these required documents.


For more information about the application materials and process please contact us at or click HERE to reach us through our contact form.

Additional Information

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